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Wild things

Wild things

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Summery Ethan

Is there anything cuter than a laughing baby? If there is, I haven’t found it.

Have a great weekend!

Summery Ethan

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Lazy like a Sunday morning

As young whippersnappers, Eoghan and I don’t have many rituals or routines. You could blame this on our fabulous, spontaneous, jet-set lifestyle, or you could point out that it’s more likely due to the fact that we’re easily distracted and slightly disorganised.

But since moving into the new apartment, we’ve definitely been picking up a lovely new habit: proper lazy Sunday brunches.

Easy like....

French toast, bacon, maple syrup, OJ and a big pot o’ tea. Pure bliss.

Yesterday, we took our lazy Sunday on the road and met up with Corina and Anthony and headed to The Crafty Market in Dublin 8. Apart from the cutesy cupcake baby socks, pretty necklaces, great art and very pretty handmade handbags, there’s also a yummy waffle stand and some great coffee. I didn’t have my camera with me yesterday, but here are some quick shots I snapped last month.

The Crafty Market

The Crafty Market

The Crafty Market

I bought a couple of cards from this stand:

The Crafty Market

It’s on the first Sunday of each month and I’d heartily recommend checking it out.

After a leisurely wander around there, we went up the road to scope out the NCAD graduate show and then onto Ocean, where we flicked through the Sunday papers and got stuck into a few lots of spicy wings. Before you knew it, it was 8pm.

Sure, there was washing to be done, stuff to be sorted, photos to edit, emails to send. But when a lovely day spontaneously creeps up on you like that, can you really say no?

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Yummy skewers

Don’t they just scream ‘summertime’?

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Coming soon

I couldn’t let Communion season pass by without a shot from a very cute one  I photographed a few weeks ago.

Casey communion

More pics soon!

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Guess who’s back

Is there anybody out there? Please hold while I wipe the cobwebs off this blog. I had no idea when we first decided to move apartment, ooh, well over a month ago now, that it would take this long to get internet.

I had heard the Eircom horror stories, but nothing could have prepared me for the pain, anguish and unhelpfulness. And since I have a strict no blogging at work policy, it meant this wee pet was left abandoned, and I am very sorry.

Would some flowers help make it up to you?

Purple and pink

No? How about some cupcakes, made after a very fun and tipsy Cocktails & Cupcakes night to christen the new place?



Still not up to forgiving me? Well, try saying no to this face:

Ethan's growing up fast

I have tried, and failed miserably.

Normal blogging will resume now, thank you please muchly to anyone who has stuck around (or who saw this in their GoogleReader, thought ‘where the hell has this lazy wagon been?’ and clicked out of curiosity).

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All you need is…


Portobello Market, Notting Hill, London.

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I heart London

I love London
Taken at Portobello Market, Notting Hill, London.

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Looking out the window

Soft bokeh

Sorry I’ve been out of action this past week. I have a few pics from our trip to London last weekend (and my visit to the loveliest place in the world) which I’ll post in the next few days.

Have a great weekend!

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Egypt: from the sky

Here are a few more holiday shots, this time of our hot air balloon ride in Luxor. It was an amazing experience, completely worth getting up at 4am for!

Apologies about any uneven horizons or fuzzyness – these are all straight out of camera.

So, like I said, our wake up call was at 4am. By the time we were crossing to the west bank in our little motor boats, light was just starting to hit the Nile.

We got to our base, where lots of other balloons were taking off.

Finally, our turn just as the sun rose. It was gorgeous, this picture doesn’t even start to do it justice.

We wandered over to the Valley of the Kings,

Went low over the river,

And high. It was amazing how weightless and stable you we felt.

We flew right over people’s houses, which was a bit mad.

But not nearly as mad as when our pilot overshot his landing spot by a bit and we ended up in someone’s (luckily burnt out) field. The whole family came out to say hello.

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