Posted by: musiclovesfashion | July 21, 2009

Red boots and a brolly

Who would have thunk that my battered red boots and orange umbrella could prove so photogenic? But the Dublin photogs on the Worldwide Photo Walk proved them so.

First, there’s this amazing shot by Rymus:


Seriously, one of the nicest pictures of me I’ve ever seen!

Then there was this awesome shot from Redmum – I thought she had called me over to borrow the umbrella, but no, the lady had ulterior motives:


Cool, huh?

There’s also this one, of Steve‘s runners and my boots, taken by Alan Wall:


So I am a muse. Sort of.

Thanks guys for the deadly shots!


  1. Those photographs are amazing but, of equal importance, where are those boots from?!

  2. Wow, they are amazing! The colours pop beautifully.

  3. @rosemarymaccabe They’re ancient ones I got in an Office sale about two years ago!
    @Ciara I know, I want to print the one Rymus took as a massive canvas and stick in the apartment!

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