Posted by: musiclovesfashion | June 8, 2009

Lazy like a Sunday morning

As young whippersnappers, Eoghan and I don’t have many rituals or routines. You could blame this on our fabulous, spontaneous, jet-set lifestyle, or you could point out that it’s more likely due to the fact that we’re easily distracted and slightly disorganised.

But since moving into the new apartment, we’ve definitely been picking up a lovely new habit: proper lazy Sunday brunches.

Easy like....

French toast, bacon, maple syrup, OJ and a big pot o’ tea. Pure bliss.

Yesterday, we took our lazy Sunday on the road and met up with Corina and Anthony and headed to The Crafty Market in Dublin 8. Apart from the cutesy cupcake baby socks, pretty necklaces, great art and very pretty handmade handbags, there’s also a yummy waffle stand and some great coffee. I didn’t have my camera with me yesterday, but here are some quick shots I snapped last month.

The Crafty Market

The Crafty Market

The Crafty Market

I bought a couple of cards from this stand:

The Crafty Market

It’s on the first Sunday of each month and I’d heartily recommend checking it out.

After a leisurely wander around there, we went up the road to scope out the NCAD graduate show and then onto Ocean, where we flicked through the Sunday papers and got stuck into a few lots of spicy wings. Before you knew it, it was 8pm.

Sure, there was washing to be done, stuff to be sorted, photos to edit, emails to send. But when a lovely day spontaneously creeps up on you like that, can you really say no?


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