Posted by: musiclovesfashion | April 3, 2009

Egypt: from the sky

Here are a few more holiday shots, this time of our hot air balloon ride in Luxor. It was an amazing experience, completely worth getting up at 4am for!

Apologies about any uneven horizons or fuzzyness – these are all straight out of camera.

So, like I said, our wake up call was at 4am. By the time we were crossing to the west bank in our little motor boats, light was just starting to hit the Nile.

We got to our base, where lots of other balloons were taking off.

Finally, our turn just as the sun rose. It was gorgeous, this picture doesn’t even start to do it justice.

We wandered over to the Valley of the Kings,

Went low over the river,

And high. It was amazing how weightless and stable you we felt.

We flew right over people’s houses, which was a bit mad.

But not nearly as mad as when our pilot overshot his landing spot by a bit and we ended up in someone’s (luckily burnt out) field. The whole family came out to say hello.



  1. beautiful photos! It’s really amazing and different to see what a city is like from above, eh?

  2. Thank you! It really was breathtaking, a fab experience.

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