Posted by: musiclovesfashion | March 9, 2009

Hello, goodbye

Apologies for the scarcity of posts this past week; I’ve been passing myself out a bit. In the past few weeks, I went to visit the family circus, took some photos, went to the funsies Irish Blog Awards, took some photos, went to Birmingham and Northampton, took some photos, went to the Choice Music Prize, took some photos, and then tried to power through the week because tomorrow (or rather, today) Eoghan and I are off to Egypt  for a week (I’ll take some photos). I’ve wanted to go since I was a wee one and nursed dreams of one day becoming an Egyptologist (haven’t we all?) so to say I am as giddy as a Fanta-filled seven year old on a day trip to Disney would be an under statment. Woot woo!

To celebrate the general holiday-ness of it all, here are some snaps of last September’s trip to San Sebastian.

 San Sebastian

San Sebastian

San Sebastian
I love this city. We went twice last year, and both times stayed at the lovely Pension Bellas Artes where the very awesome Leire literally gave us a map marked with all the must-sees, must-dos, local faves and yum places to eat. She also recommended a trip to the nearby island (pictured above), where we had possibly the best picnic of my entire life. Picnic pics below.

San Sebastian
San Sebastian

San Sebastian
Such an amazing view:
San Sebastian
And over the other side was its own little beach:
San Sebastian
So, of course, we built some sand castles:
San Sebastian beach

San Sebastian beach

Have a great week!

(P.S. I have a couple of timed photo posts scheduled, in case you see them and wonder if I’m mad enough to even look at a computer while there are lovely temples to be viewing. I’m not.)



  1. You have yourself a great time… I kow ya’ll come back with a shitload of deadly pics!

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