Posted by: musiclovesfashion | February 8, 2009

Home-made burgers, nom nom

Yummy dinner

Yum, yum, one of my fave dinners. It’s a mish mash of a few different recipes, but most like this one from the BBC Good Food Magazine’s website, which is a super handy tool when you’ve got lots of random bits lying around in your fridge.

Like BBC Good Food, we take around 500g of mince beef and mix it with a handful of coriander and a finely chopped red chilli. We (and I’m saying ‘we’ because Eoghan and I really do make this together, and I’d feel mean not giving him any credit) then add in an egg, as it helps the burger hold together better. Sometimes we fry a little bit of onion in a pan until soft and add that to the mix too. You then get stuck in and mash it all up and make four patties.

As each of the burgers is put to sizzle on a pan, half a dozen cherry tomatoes are thrown into a baking dish, drizzled with olive olive oil and sprinkled with ground pepper and salt, pretty much as the recipe says. These make a yummy gooey flavoursome addition to the burgers.

Yummy dinner
Another thing that really makes this yum is some good kind of crusty, kind of soft bread.

Yummy dinner

Some mayo mixed with Ballymaloe relish, which was a Rachel Allen suggestion in last week’s Sunday Tribune Magazine, along with a bit of lettuce and cheese, tops this off nicely. Like I said, yum yum.



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