Posted by: musiclovesfashion | January 28, 2009

Makeshift studio

One of my Christmas presents this year was an MPEX Strobist ‘Starving Student’ lighting kit from Eoghan. It contains pretty much everything you need to set up a mini studio – on the super cheap – at home. I planned on using it mainly for product shots and odd the headshot, but couldn’t resist trying it out on Ethan last time he came for a visit.

(PS – please excuse the dodgy uneven exposure – these are pretty much straight out of camera and hey, it was my first time!)

 Playing in a makeshift studio

He’s just over six months now, but still only sitting up for a few seconds at time, so Eoghan and Kelly had to wait, hands outstretched, either side of him in case he toppled over! (In fact, in the above pic, his mum has her finger hooked into the top of his nappy – it’s just sneakily cropped out!)

Playing in a makeshift studio

He’s lying on a blanket with a plain whiteboard behind him. 

I love this shot of him hugging our toy tiger. ‘Tigro’, as we call him, was a Christmas present from Eoghan’s brother Brendan and usually spends his time looking menacing on top of the couch, but he’s putty in Ethan’s hands!

Playing in a makeshift studio



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