Posted by: musiclovesfashion | January 15, 2009

Go MJEX go

Messiah J and The Expert


Messiah J and The Expert

Messiah J and the Expert are one of the acts shortlisted for a Choice Music Prize. As anyone who will listen knows, they’re genuinely one of my favourite bands and this is their second record in a row to get nominated so I’m thrilled for them. They’re two incredibly smart, talented guys making exciting, innovative music that deserves to be heard by a lot more people. Their latest album, From the Word Go, is definitely in my top 5 of 2008.

Check out their site, blog or MySpace.

Below are a couple of vids for two tracks from the album, ‘Megaphone Man’ and ‘Jean is Planning an Escape’.

Fight Like Apes‘ deadly album, Fight Like Apes and the Mystery of the Golden Medallion, also got a well-deserved nod. I photographed both bands last year, and the pics are up on Flickr.

You can see the full shortlist over at the Choice site, here, but it might be better craic to read the lively banter and 100+ comments going on over at Jim’s blog.



  1. Let’s hope MJEX win – these guys are bursting with talent and great tunes. Excellent live performers too. Hope to catch you at their next gig!

  2. @sorcha I know!! They’re so deserving – up for a Meteor Award now as well I see. Maybe the talent you spotted all those years ago will finally get the recognition it deserves!

  3. Hey,

    Thanks very much for all the kind words & support. Much appreciated. Hopefully we see yiz at the next gig ………probably in March. Thanks again!

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