Posted by: musiclovesfashion | December 15, 2008

Ethan goes retro

Polaroid Ethan

Polaroid Ethan

Polaroid Ethan

A few more pics here. Thanks to Phil and Natalie Norton for posting about Poladroid, the highly addictive little app that created these shots. Give it a go!


  1. Gorgeous! I love Poladroid, best application yet.

  2. Great pics – love that you added the fingerprints and scratches (you did add those didnt you, or had not just not noticed that feature?).

  3. @ The Sexy Pedestrian. Thanks! It’s lots of fun, I’m extremely addicted.
    @Phil Can’t take credit for those – If you go into Preferences you can select different paper types and that will add in the scratches and prints. Arent’t they cute? I created some polaroid-looking pics months ago for a work shoot, but it took AGES in PS, so cool that someone has created an app.

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