Posted by: musiclovesfashion | November 21, 2008

Presents from the postman

Our post is normally really boring – just bills from ESB, NTL, O2, and a rake of dodgy takeaway menus. But last night the tiny metal postbox held two lovely things:

1) The Blurb book I made finally arrived.

Blurb book

Blurb book

It’s of Ethan’s first month and it’s going to be his mum’s Christmas present (lucky she doesn’t read the blog!). I’m really impressed with the print quality, the thickness of the pages, the fab glossy cover, and generally just how it looks and feels like a real book. Will definitely be making more.

2) Bust Magazine.

Bust mag
My favourite mag (well, apart from the one I work on of course!). It’s a smart, entertaining read, full of quirky features and interviews with genuinely interesting and inspiring women. Such a shame that there’s nothing like it here. Is it just places like the US that have the huge readership to sustain a publication like this? The mag would definitely be considered niche, but over there niche can be thousands and thousands of readers. Maybe a few bloggers would be interested in cobbling together an e-zine mag like it? Venus Zine is another great example.

And while on the topic of interesting women – here’s a pic of the very cute Orla Kiely limited edition tea caddy I picked up last week. It’s available at Bewleys’s on Grafton Street for just €6.99 (and comes filled with tea bags!). It’s about all the Orla Kiely I can afford.

Orla Kiely tea caddy

Orla Kiely tea caddy



  1. I saw the cutest boxes of chocolates wrapped in Orla Kiely print paper on sale in Butler’s Choc Cafe! Would make a lovely gift.

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