Posted by: musiclovesfashion | November 13, 2008

Aisling: Sneak Peek

The reason I haven’t been blogging? Those two cuties right there.

My friend Aisling (their auntie) and I hatched this cunning plan to snap some pics and create a pretty photobook, which she is going present to their parents at Christmas. This involved lots of covert ‘taking the kids to the zoo’ planning, some last minute begging (Little Mr Mini Model didn’t want to go initially – although you wouldn’t know it from the way he made eyes at the camera!) and lots and lots of bubbles.

I took hundreds of shots and it took me AGES to whittle them down; every spare evening I’ve had (in between changing jobs that is – more on that later), I’ve been hooked to the mac and my painfully slow photoshop going through them and creating something that I hope shows how wonderful these two kiddos are.

Aisling, thank you so much for asking me to do this. This is my first proper photo job, and I had the two cutest models imaginable. I know Little Miss Sunshine had her tantrums, but I really, truly had pots of fun teasing some smiles out of her and I hope you and your family will enjoy the photobook. But for now, a few sneaky peeks:

Aisling sneak peek

Aisling sneak peek


I had this GIANT pot of bubbles from Hamley’s, and the kids had great fun messing with them.

Aisling sneak peek

Aisling sneak peek

This little cutie is only 2-years old so there was lots of chasing her around and trying to surprise her into looking at me:

Aisling sneak peek

Aisling sneak peek

Her big brother was a total pro, giving it loads:


Aisling sneak peek

I love the bokeh in these pics – it’s from all the fallen leaves at Phoenix Park:

Aisling sneak peek

Aisling sneak peek

Making faces:

Aisling sneak peek

And two of the last shots of the day, as the light was fading:

Aisling sneak peek

Aisling sneak peek


  1. Stunning photos Nathalie. How are you getting the eyes so sharp?

  2. Thanks Darren; that really means a lot coming from you!
    Well, I was having real trouble with the eyes because I was shooting my 50mm 1.4 pretty much wide open. So I just locked focus points – the centre one, or whichever one seemd right – and placed that right over one eye and it helped A LOT. I still come out with lots of sharp noses/soft eyes combos though!

  3. Absolutely amazing, beautiful work, Nathalie. In fact not even work, a bona-fide labour of love. Such a tremendous gift to the parents, there really is nothing to surpass a gift of this thought and depth.
    My kids hate having their picture taken, so I know what you mean about chasing and tantrums!

    Think my faves would be the first bubble-chase, the hug, and the last two of himself with his blue eyes and wibbly teeth!

    Tremendous xx

  4. Awww, thank you SO much! That’s a really lovely comment. I really do hope they like it – it’s tough knowing if you’ve captured the kids’ personalities when you’ve only seen them for a few hours! But these two were so cute and full of giggles I knew the shots were there somewhere.
    Thanks a million, I’ll post pics of the book once their up. X

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