Posted by: musiclovesfashion | November 5, 2008

They could and they did

Obama cupcakes

Sabrina’s house would definitely have been the place to be last night as history was made in the US. Instead, it was bed after 2am with BBC 24 on mute and the iPhone beside me for updates.

And today? Obama cupcakes! Yum yum.

I thougth both speeches were beautifully humble and sincere. Your best bet would be to head over to the BBC to watch them, as YouTube hasn’t really caught up yet.

Darren has the full text of Obama’s speech.


Thanks to Nordquist for linking to this; possibly the cutest, sweetest post on the election. I agree, it’s my favourite bit of coverage too!


Some more random links of interest from today:

People mag on what Malia and Sasha can expect in the White House.

Pictures of loads of today’s newspaper covers.

Who will Obama put on his staff? Times writer and blogger Daniel Finklestein has some ideas.

And Times again, on Michelle Obama is going to rock as a First Lady.



  1. Those Obama cupcakes are cute! Great idea!

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