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Messiah J and The Expert

Messiah J and The Expert

Messiah J and The Expert

Messiah J and The Expert

Messiah J and the Expert

Messiah J and The Expert

I went to gig 🙂 I couldn’t NOT go after The Expert‘s comment on the last post!

So glad I went though. Sorcha, who introduced me to MJEX many moons ago and is a big fan, came and we had a brilliant time. Messiah J has such ferocious energy, such an awesome stage presence, and the chemistry and theatrics between him and The Expert made for great gig; the two of them are bona fide showmen.

The new songs went down a treat (‘Megaphone Man’, ‘Jean is Planning and Escape’ and ‘Tomorrow is Too Late’ were all in there), and they also performed some oldies but goodies, including two faves of mine, ‘Abandon Ship’ and ‘All The Other Girls’. There was a healthy line-up of people picking up the album after the gig (with Messiah J there to sign copies which was pretty cool) and I think I spotted May Kay from Fight Like Apes in the crowd at one stage.

Supporting MJEX were Talulah Does The Hula, four girls and a guy (including a few ex members of Neosupervital and The Chalets) who I definitely took a shine to. Their instrument-swapping antics were highly amusing and the girls were wearing lashings of eyeliner and seriously covetable heels.

They definitely succeeded in their goal “to get your foot tapping and bootie wiggling” and, even though there seemed to be a bit of slightly dodgy mike action going on meaning some of the vocals couldn’t be made out, we were really surprised to hear that this was their first ever gig.They were very cool and together.

Really looking forward to hearing more from them and dying to find out where I can buy some tracks. A few pics below;

Talulah Does The Hulah

Talulah Does The Hulah

Talulah Does The Hulah

Talulah Does The Hulah

There are a few more pics of the night up on Flickr.


  1. Cool stills. Good work.

  2. Great pics. I love that first one of TDTH. Fancy swapping blog links?

  3. @NaRocRoc Thank you 🙂
    @Kate Thank you! Done and done 🙂

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