Posted by: musiclovesfashion | October 14, 2008

The joys of idle wandering

In the past few weeks, I’ve done something I hadn’t done in ages – twice. I went for a walk with the camera. I realised that almost every time I’ve taken it out recently, it’s been for something else – a gig, a holiday (San Sebastian pics on the way!), a party. But this means that I’m constantly stopping suddenly to snap something, holding everybody up, and all the while not giving this hobby the attention it deserves.

So just a few days ago I went for a walkabout around our office at lunch and shot these. And last week I went for an idle wander around our area and ended up at Windmill Lane, which is covered in graffiti. I loved the detail of the different colours on the many different textures – pebbledash, concrete, shutters, locks.

Grafitti @ Windmill Lane

Grafitti @ Windmill Lane

Grafitti @ Windmill Lane

Grafitti @ Windmill Lane

Think I might try to do a shoot here soon, it’s perfect for a couple or even a funky kid session! You can see a pic of the street here.



  1. Very nice bokeh. I love the colors. Makes me want to do some idle wandering with my camera too! Have a good day.

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