Posted by: musiclovesfashion | October 14, 2008

The budget makes me feel old

I have a very distinct memory of walking home from school, walking through the front door and realising it was Budget Day.

“Oh noooooo,” I thought, walking past the serious faces staring at the TV screen (seriously, even the dog looked sombre) and flopping on the couch. “But Sabrina is on, and then Sister Sister AND THEN a re-run of the MTV Awards. I HATE the budget”.

Now I’m sitting in work, really wishing I was at home and able to watch the budget.

But in fairness, I don’t think Sabrina is on the telly anymore…



  1. Sabrina the Teenage Witch? For sure, she’s on in both the orginal and newer animated version. Check the kids channels! 😛 I loved that cat! 🙂

  2. I think also on Austrian/German TV they are still playing it from time to time. Here it’s called “Sabrina – Total Verhext!”.
    By the way I just had to check on Wikipedia what “Budget Day” is. Never heard of that before…

  3. @Debz I CAN’T watch it again. I’ll just feel mortified by how well I remember all the lines – think of all the other things I could have squished into my brain! Salem rocked, he was by far the best. Well, him and the crazy irresponsible fun-loving aunt – Zelda, Hilda?
    @Thomas Does ‘Verhext’ mean witch? Here, when we say some one is a “total witch” it’s usually not a nice thing! Are you sorry you know what Budget Day is now?!!

  4. Hilda was the crazy one, Zelda was the straightlaced scientist. I loved Hilda, and really, really loved Salem. Sarcastic cats with a sense of irony are so rare.

  5. @Nathalie: No “verhext” doesn’t mean “witch” (that would be “Hexe” btw.). The dictionary here suggests elfstruck or ensorcelled as translations (that second one looks pretty weird to me).
    Well actually I’m not sorry I know about it now. I’m just not sure why you assume I could be…?

  6. @ sineadkeogh – Really? Because I thought that a cat that could talk was extremely rare! Never mind a sarcastic cat with a sense of irony!

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