Posted by: musiclovesfashion | October 13, 2008

And then it was Autumn






Taken during a lunchtime stroll around the Dundrum Road using my trusty 50mm 1.4.



  1. These are really nice photos, I see you got your 50mm lens back. Probably I’m gonna go take some autumn photos next weekend, when I got time again after my exam.
    By the way, I’ going to buy my first DSLR soon. I think it will be the Olympus E-520. For 699€ it comes with two zoom lenses (one is supposed to be quite decent, the other one rather cheap). You will see photos on Flickr….

  2. Thank you Thomas! And woohoo you getting a dDLR!! I don’t know much about the Olympus one but cool that it comes with two lenses – won’t be long now until you have serious lens lust though!. The very first lens I bought was the Canon 50mm 1.8 – SUPER cheap and plasticky, but it introduced me to primes and big apertures and I LOVED it. Best of luck, looking forward to seeing the pics!

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