Posted by: musiclovesfashion | October 1, 2008

Woe is i(Phone)

I’m in a bit of a pickle. While on our San Sebastian holiday, my iPhone had a bit of a heart attack.

Very randomly, in the middle of our second day, in the middle of the afternoon, and in the middle of me using it, it turned into an iBrick. It blacked out, and all I would get is the ominous glow of the white Apple logo.

I took it back to our pension and tried a few known home remedies – pressing the home and the on/off button, just holding home, just holding on/off, charging it, but nada. It gave me two options- completely turned off and black or black with the Apple logo.

This was Friday afternoon, rendering me iPhone-less until Monday, when we could go to an Apple supplier. For €1, they let me plug it into the their iTunes where it had to be restored. Contacts, texts, music, ALL my apps, to-do notes, photos, settings, preferences, a/c logins, everything, basically – gone.

I hadn’t upgraded my iPhone’s software to the new 2.1 because it had been “backing up” for literally hours the evening before we left, so I had to skip it. I understood the upgrade would fix “bugs causing hangs and crashes for users with lots of third party applications”, but as the only app crashes I had experienced had simply (if annoyingly) brought me crashing back to the home screen, I figured I could do without the update for a few days.

I really don’t know if that would have saved the phone from this almighty crash.

And while the back-ups do take forever, I was grateful for them when I returned home, because I was able to restore the following:

  • Contacts
  • Apps
  • Photos
  • Email settings
  • Music
  • To-do notes (thanks to Toodledo and Evernote)

Gone forever, it seems, are:

  • Three months worth of texts, both sent and received
  • A few recent contacts and calender entries
  • App data – birthdays entered into the Birthdays app, high scores in games, log-in settings, etc
  • Some recent pics taken with the phone

In the grand scheme of things, it’s not so bad, but I am mightily annoyed about the lost texts, contacts, data, and of course, the loss of the use of the phone for the weekend – our pension had free wi-fi, so I had been using it to sort out a few essential email things and update the circus site.

What to do? So many people have had truly horrid experiences with O2 when it comes to iPhone dealings. I honestly think I had lucky escape thanks to the nice guys at the Carphone Warehouse in the IFSC – getting the phone up and running was not without its glitches, but the staff were definitely on their game and eager to get things sorted speedily.

Should I bring the iPhone in (even though it appears to be working fine now) and suffer the fate of poor Alexia, shafted and given crappy replacement “Loanershitphone” while her phone is looked at? Or will I just keep the iPhone I have hope for the best?



  1. I’ve had similar heartaches with other prototype devices. But I think it’s fun playing with the first generation of anything.

  2. […] mobile woe.  iPhone pain from Nathalie. Where will it all […]

  3. @Bernie It is; and I realised that although the iPhone itself was 2ndGen, all the apps were on their first outing so I expected the crashes – the price you pay for getting such cool features on your phone!

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