Posted by: musiclovesfashion | September 30, 2008

Blue & Yellow



And it’s all in how you mix the two

And it starts just where the light exists

It’s a feeling that you cannot miss

And it burns a hole

Through everyone that feels it

– The Used, Blue & Yellow.

I love the contrast between dark, indigo blue and bright yellow. I remember first time I saw the Coldplay video, I had a poster of that ubiqutous Van Gogh Starry Night painting on my wall, and I remember thinking it was really interesting that that the song was called ‘Yellow’ but the video started a very dark blue (Deep thoughts. I was doing Leaving Cert Art. Can you tell?!).

Anyway, I’ve always loved the contrast between the two colours and, very randomly, that memory popped back into my head vividly when I saw these. I know they almost look purple in the top pic, but that’s either the light, or my dodgy processing!



  1. I love the central blue – at first all you can see is the vibrant yellow but once you notice it you can;t not see it.

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