Posted by: musiclovesfashion | September 12, 2008

Photo clicks

X-Ray photography on Wired. Really cool pics.

Natalie Norton continues her series of blog posts on moving towards manual settings. She has one on understanding ISO and another on understanding daylight exposure and equivalent exposure.

Epic edits list 16 inspirational photography techniques. Slightly odd that they start with Photoshop though!

Ryan Brenizer on the first DSLR with video capture.

Phil meets Cyril. A lovely post and a great story; a testament to how photography can get people talking.

There’s a new camera club starting in Dalkey.

US photographers Fred Egan and Melissa Jill were in Ireland recently (and separately) and captured some cool shots along with some funny commentary about near-death experiences on our country roads.

Make the most of the clouds (although some blue sky is needed!)

Love this pic from Gav and Ciara’s blog.



  1. That photo was taken by my bezzie and roomie Colin, his flickr is here: Isn’t he brilliant? Nice links missus! 🙂

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