Posted by: Eoghan | September 12, 2008

Getting Goaty With It

I meant to get around to this much sooner but better late than never I suppose.

This meme is called Getting Your Goat and the rules are simple;

  1. List two things that irritate you for a reason, which you should give, and two things that irritate you for no good reason,
  2. Give credit to the person who tagged you,
  3. Link your answers to the original blog –,
  4. Tag four new people to participate.

Credit to our tagger
Here’s Darragh’s post where he tagged us. I absolutely agree with him about grammar on public signs and also on littering, I saw a disgusting example recently where a young girl threw takeaway chips in the general direction of her friend, inspected the remainder in her tray and then just tipped the whole lot onto the ground, letting the tray fall to earth for good measure. The mind boggles.


Irish Rail. They’re not there yet. And they’re not so fussed about getting there either.

Justified complaints to their customer (dis)service office produce a “there there” response along the lines of “we’re sorry that you’re unhappy [just that you’re unhappy, we wish you were happy instead but we are blithely unconcerned about what caused your unhappiness and certainly won’t be undertaking any corrective action to address the root of your dissatisfaction. Is there any way you could become happy without a change in your circumstances? Because if you could that would be very helpful to us] but trust you will continue to travel with us in future”.

Oh you smugging smuggers! Well I may well continue to travel with you in future. If, for example, I ever want to take a train in Ireland ever again, I’ll be forced to travel with you, won’t I, because you’re the only effing rail company in this country. And aren’t you only too aware of the fact?

That’s why you feel you can get away with letting customers book seats that don’t exist, failing to enforce first-class ticketing or pre-booking on seats, leaving late, leaving early, closing doors on passengers, verbally abusing and cursing at passengers and all the other charming habits into which you’ve fallen. And when someone complains, respond with a poor-mouth story about only recently receiving the necessary funds to purchase new ‘rolling stock’ even if that’s completely irrelevant to the complaint and serves only to remind the passenger that this incompetency is being propped up with their own tax money.

Insult, meet injury. You’ll be well acquainted as long as Irish Rail’s around.

Rant Ends. Feel much better now 🙂

Very quickly, other things I dislike for a reason are;

The new drink legislation, because it infantilises the citzenry, erodes their civil liberties, reduces adult choice and seems wholly unattuned to addressing any actual problems. Really, what was the menace that lurked in Off-Licences between 10pm and 11pm? Prohibition-Lite like the full-fat version won’t work.

The grasping nature of the modern world, especially online. Everyone and everything demands our personal private information and we are constantly assailed by scam artists and hustlers. Cyberlife is like being permanently stuck in a Third World bazaar.

TV sports commentators, especially GAA ones, who use phrases like “working the oracle” and have even suggested teams came out for the second half like “a rifle out of a gun”. WTF? WTF?! Footie pundits are pretty good (bad) at it as well. Not forgetting rugby’s Ryle, who can confidently intone of a kick at goal, “It’s got the legs, does it have the distance?”. Theirs is a constant war against good communication. The First Commandment of Commentary must be “May Metaphor be Mangled Mightily Lest Anyone Actually Understand”.


Driving legislation. It’s hard to argue that the roads should not prioritise safety above all else and certainly above an individual’s desire to learn to drive. So although the abolition of the second provisional exemption, the theory test, the 6-month minimum wait for a test off a first provisional and the stipulation that an accompanying driver must have held their licence for at least the last 2 years all make my life that little bit more difficult I cannot muster a very strong argument against them bar a bit of special pleading that I’m different. Doesn’t mean I have to like them though.

Since this is just a matter of personal aesthetic sensibilities, there’s never going to be any ‘reason’ behind my dislike of skinny jeans and pumps. I just think it’s an intensely unflattering look for the female form and I won’t even trouble you with what I think about the look on men. Skinny jeans that is, I’ve yet to see pumps on a bloke.

I suppose the impracticality of pumps is a pretend reason I could give; they seem likely to take on a lot of water over their low-slung sides and in Ireland that’s just never a good bet.

And leggings! I almost forgot leggings. God do I dislike leggings.

Anyway, that’s me done. For the moment at least. Maybe the following people might like to have a go if they haven’t already.

Steven – Note With No Commas
Pamela – Wandering In Stilettos
David – Film Cricket
Catherine – Two Wheels on my Wagon



  1. I’d forgotten all about the goat!! 🙂 Some great ones there!! Let’s hope it gains some interest again as I’ve seen some really interesting rants!!

  2. […] Getting My Goat 15 09 2008 From Eoghan at Casa Casey-Courtney: […]

  3. Terribly impressed there Eoghan, makes my effort seem rather poor. I love your use of language and agree with you on most, if not all, especially the skinny jeans!

  4. Thanks very much Darragh although you’re doing yourself a disservice, your goats were great reading as well as having photos with them. Ideally I should have included photos of trains and railway staff being evil… In fact I bet Irish Rail management are behind the skinny jeans fad!

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