Posted by: Eoghan | September 9, 2008

No Fed Bailout for Murray


As you may have noticed, I like rugby. I also like tennis and it has the added benefit of being a game I can play without likely suffering grievous injury. A tennis ladder has just started in work and I played my first game last night, challenging a player two ranks above me. Unfortunately I lost 6-1, 7-5. I was condemned to failure by my inability to take advantage of my opponent’s looping, side-spinning, sliced backhand and by letting the kids playing football on the neighbouring court distract me.

US Open 2008

Scotland’s Andy Murray couldn’t reproduce the highs of his thrilling semi-final conquest of Rafaland in the final against defending champion Roger Federer.

The Swiss (27) was hitting the ball sweetly and produced probably his best form of the year to make it 5-in-a-row at the US and become the only man ever to do that at two Grand Slams (Wimbledon 2003-07 is the other). He now has 13 career Grand Slams, one shy of Pete Sampras’ record and has saved his season from the ignominy of not winning a slam and – crucially – announced his hunger to fight back (against Nadal’s onslaught) to the world.

Murray (21) moves up to Number 4 in the world on the back of his best ever tennis and his fabulous play deserves acknowledging but, in my opinion, he won’t deserve a Grand Slam title or the No. 1 spot until he stops doing this…

Put it AWAY!!!

Put it AWAY!!!

…and shaves the bumfluff off his chin.




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