Posted by: musiclovesfashion | August 20, 2008

It’s my party and I’ll eat if I want to…

Baby Ethan's Christening

Baby Ethan's Christening

Baby Ethan's Christening

Baby Ethan's Christening

Baby Ethan's Christening

Don’t you just love family parties?

These are snaps from Ethan’s christening party. They remind me of every childhood birthday party I’ve ever ever had.

The ones with the pineapple-and-cheese-on a stick, with your aunt’s signature dish (my aunt Jackie does a mean egg-mayo-paprika thing), with the fresh breads, the apple and rhubarb pies, the rolled hams, the chocolate treats and, of course, the cake!

Ethan christening

Christening cake

Baby Ethan's Christening

My cousin Jessica was quite taken with the strawberries:

Baby Ethan's Christening



  1. Hmmm, I would first try the cake on the third picture and then take the strawberries and then… Looks all so delicious.

  2. oh I love mini battenburg cakes. I also love your food shots. What lens are you using for them?

  3. @Thomas I often start with the sweet stuff too! Hey, isn’t that what parties are for?!

    @Darren Me too 🙂 and thanks! I’m using the 50mm 1.4. These have been shot on manual focus though, because the AF is broken on the lens (bringing it to Canon for repair tomorrow) so some of the focusing comes across a bit unusual – it gets soft towards the front and back; I kind of like it in food photos though, might try manual mode again even when it’s fixed!

  4. Hi Natalie – great shots. Just stumbled on your blog through – what camera are you using? and just with that single 1.4 50mm lens? camera newbie here – would love to get that level of detail.

  5. @Jonathan Thank you! I’m using a Canon 400D; I’ve only had the camera a year so am still a bit of a newbie myself! And yep, all taken with the 50mm 1.4 – as I said, I had it on manual mode, allowing me to get a little bit closer. It is a lovely, lovely lens, I would definitely recommend it (even if it is in the Canon hospital now!).

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