Posted by: musiclovesfashion | August 15, 2008

One month old

Ethan - one month old!

Ethan - one month old!

Ethan turned a month old a few days ago. The time has really, really flown.

Thanks to Gingerpixel’s top tips (thank you so much for sharing them), we were able to have a quick baby photo shoot. In the pics below, Ethan wears a croche wrap, hand-made by his mum while she was pregnant with him.

He has been living with us for the past few days, and it’s been great craic having him. His eyesight is developing, so he’s constantly looking suprised/fascinated/bemused by what’s going on around him, which results in lots of funny faces.

Ethan - one month old!

Ethan - one month old!


  1. These are dotie, really lovely!

  2. These are gorgeous Nathalie, I’m so glad the tips came in useful. The Kung Fu one gives me a giggle each time I see it 😀

  3. […] has done a great job of producing some incredible baby pics, thanks to Claire’s top […]

  4. aww, lovely!

  5. @remum Thank you! He’s been staying with me this past week and it’s been great.

    @Claire Thank you, and thank you so, so much for the tips, my sis loves the pics – wants to get one of them blown up big! And yes, I love the Kung Fu one too! I keep hearing Jack Black saying “I love Kung Foo….” when I see it.

    @Stephen Thank you 🙂

  6. O wow, they are fab! So adorable at that age. I must get those tips if I ever have another one;) Love the blog, found you through Donal!

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