Posted by: Eoghan | July 31, 2008

Driving 101

So here I am, in my 27th year, finally getting down to driving. Due to our glorious government’s welter of new restrictions, I have to wait until mid-November (at the earliest) before I can even sit the test. This delay is allegedly to ensure I have time to gain as much practice as possible prior to becoming a fully-licensed driver. The abolition of the second-provisional exemption, the (no doubt temporary) Garda crackdown on unaccompanied learners and the restriction that accompanying drivers need to have held their licence continuously for at least the last 2 years (which has cut out at least 3 people who could and would have accompanied me) all seem to be designed to ensure I get as little practice as possible before I sit the test. Does the State contradict itself? Very well, then, it contradicts itself. It is large, it contains multitudes.

Still. It could be worse. I could have taken the test and failed it after stalling 5 times, be the owner of an automatic and have gotten all my practice in that vehicle and have discovered today that my second sitting of the test is this Tuesday, somewhat sooner than I had thought. So, I need you all to cross your fingers for the fella I work with who’s in this unfortunate boat. If you know any nuns, please ask them for a novena, or two if time allows.


  1. Yikes. That’s a rough go!

    I’ve just applied for my test. Thankfully the fellah can accompany me when I’m practising but I know I’m lucky in this regard. I’m sure there are many people paying driving instructors just to have someone to drive around with!

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