Posted by: musiclovesfashion | July 29, 2008

Colour us beautiful

I love the interweb. And I love the Irish bloggy community. Here is  a great example of how things can wander off and become something lovely.

A while back, Red Mum posted a cool set of red pics. Inspired, I threw up a collection of recent pink shots, and asked if any other photogs fancied doing something similar. Phil and Darren were up to it, and so the Colour Post Challenge was born.

Since then, we’ve have cool blues from Estelle, great yellow shots from Annie, very cool black themed pics from Grannymar, brown pics from Jefferson, orange pics from Baino, and some more blue from Red Mum.

Hopefully it will keep spiralling – there are loads of colours left! Maybe budding photog Ciara, or the very gifted Catriona or, now that he’s back, McAWilliams might want to give it a shot?



  1. I feel guilty when people say it is my colour challenge…. I remember seeing your pink post and thinking this would be a great challenge and then read that you were challenging people, pipped to the post, as it were 🙂

    Its been a bit of fun and I’m delighted that so many people took part, so nice one Nathalie.

  2. Hey don’t feel guilty AT ALL! I only challenged a few people – you’re the one who brought it to a bigger audience and kept the updates up! And remember, the inspiration came from you in the first place!

    I’m delighted it’s gone the way it has though, the more the merrier 🙂

  3. Ok… am gonna try this! Albeit me punching above my weight, but I love a challenge! 🙂

  4. If I could stop doing up the house and get out and about with the camera I will give this a go, I have enjoyed seeing everyone elses.

    Leave it with me.

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