Posted by: musiclovesfashion | July 25, 2008



We got an award! Thanks a million to the uber talented Phil over at Iced Coffee for endowing us with an Arte y Pico award for “creativity, design, interesting material, and also for contributing to the blogging community.”

It’s the first time we’ve ever gotten one of these so we’re really, really chuffed :), especially when it’s coming from a photographer whose work is truly awesome (seriously, check it out).

Like Phil, I plan on putting it in my virtual awards cabinet (which I will keep in the virtual loo, along with my virtual picture of Bono and me on a yacht*. )

Going to have that mojito up there to celebrate (you can get it at Ely HQ in Grand Canal Dock). The deal is that we have to pass the award on to five blogs that we heart, so I’ll get thinking on those and post next week.

Eoghan and I are off on a yum two-day papmer-y break, so no blogging until Monday; although I might send off the odd sneaky tweet when Eoghan’s not looking.

Between the Carlsberg Comedy Carnival, the Chocolate Festival (can’t BELIEVE I’m missing both of these) and the very cool and photogenic looking Kings of Concrete Festival there’s plenty of fun to be had so have a great weekend 🙂

* Ok, I don’t have a picture of Bono and me on a yacht. However, I have been in a loo that has! Classy, much?



  1. Hope you got to do at least one – looking forward to finding out what you did get up to 🙂

    Thanks for the link!

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