Posted by: musiclovesfashion | July 23, 2008

Red square

Grand Canal Square

Grand Canal Square

Grand Canal Square

Grand Canal Square

Some pics of Grand Canal Square that I took a while ago and only just found.

I love living here. It’s got its own little buzz going on, it’s close to town, but still quiet and the Docklands Authority are really trying to make sure that some culture and fun is injected into the area.

There are lots of nice places to eat and drink – Riva, Milano, Ely HQ, Ocean, The Ferryman. There’s Fresh for nice supermarket food, KC Peaches for yummy brunches, an Italian bakery for fancy coffee and fabulous bread and, of course, a nice square to lounge around in.

Grand Canal Square

Grand Canal Square

Grand Canal Square

It’s well worth a visit. (And, as an added bonus, every now and again a swan wanders up from the canal and throws you dirty looks).



  1. Arrrgh! Used to work in Google down at that part of town. I miss it… 😦

  2. Lovely vibrant photos! I used to work around that area, it is very nice alright.

  3. Great pictures from another modern area of Dublin. I’m just remebering Tallaght where I lived for some time.
    Btw, the title Red square made me think of this great song by The Robocop Kraus…

  4. I would not recognise that area of Dublin at all now.

    Good to see heart coming back to it.

  5. […] photographer who I first met at a recent meetup is Nathalie who shares a blog with Eoghan at Casa Casa Courtney. I admire each of her photographs and some great writing in the mix […]

  6. @ Gav You were a Googler?! My friend has worked there for about two years and she has yet to receive one of those famed in-work massages…!

    @Katherine Thanks! So much has opened up in the past few months, and even weeks (Herbstreet Cafe, just around the corner from Milano, is opening up tonight) so it’s worth a revisit!

    @Thomas Thanks 🙂 I’m in work so don’t have audio, but I will check out the clip tonight!

    @Grannymar There is this great permanent project in the area which is lovely: all around here and the IFSC are poles with small blue signs in the shape of an ear. There is a phone number and a code: call the number, enter the code and you get to hear the voice of someone who lived here 20, 30, or 40 years ago, describing what used to happen (i.e. Guinness being brought into the docks). It’s really moving and really gives you a sense of how quickly things changed.

  7. @ Nathalie – yeah, I was in their first ever batch of interns down there, two Summers ago; for three weeks I was their youngest ever employee. Afaik the back massages only came in when they expanded into the second building (the one to the right of Gordon House) which was happening the month that I left!

  8. I love walking around that area on a nice sunny day. Never knew those red poles light up at night. Might take a stroll in this weekend.

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