Posted by: musiclovesfashion | July 15, 2008

Baby Ethan

Baby Ethan

Baby Ethan

Just a few more pics of the latest addition to the family; and yes, he now has a name! Ethan is his first name and Iulian (after his dad) is his middle name.

He and Kel stayed with Eoghan and me for a few days, so we got to look at him in all his sleeping, eating, pooping glory. He kind of transfixes you when he’s sleeping, we just couldn’t stop staring at him – so tiny! so perfect! He’s gone back to the circus now but I’ll see him again on Friday, yay.

All of these pics were just adhoc shots taken around the apartment – I hope to do a proper session this weekend.

Baby Ethan

Baby Ethan

Kelly is doing really well, and still gorgeous despite only getting about 45 minutes sleep a night! (No skin retouching on this pic AT ALL)

Baby Ethan



  1. Gorgeous! Kelly’s got that glowing mama look for sure.

  2. Great photos and a very cute baby.

  3. He is a gorgeous baby and she is an extremely beautiful mother of course.

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