Posted by: musiclovesfashion | July 8, 2008

The weekend in review (pictures to follow)

What we had planned: A weekend of chilling and cleaning.

What we actually did…

Friday: While I had dinner and wine at Tribeca, Eoghan played human table tennis and ate pig on a spit at his work do. Boozes and a trip to Cafe In Sane, as they call it, followed. Meanwhile, the girls from work and I headed into Meeting House Square for the first Jameson Movies on the Square screening. Crazy ol’ Republic Of Loose were the surprise band and they were full of their usual greatness; pity the (mostly seated) crowd didn’t fancy a boogie. The band were followed by a screening of The Commitments, which was accompanied by lots of loud, out of tune singing. I tottled home nice and early just after 1am and fell asleep on the couch watching Batman Returns, where I stayed until a bemused Eoghan woke me up some time after 3.30am.

Saturday: After some yum hangover food at Ocean, we had lovely stroll down the canal with Pam and Steve, shooting some ducks (photographically speaking, of course) and generally walking the booze off. Made a quick pit stop at the ToeJam Car Boot Sale @ GB Shaw’s (check out the next one, on Aug 2nd), then headed into town to stock up on Oxegen supplies. I got wellies, hurrah! I think I’m a little bit in love with them.

Then it was on to engagement drinks @ Grand Central, which were funsies, lots of chats with college people we hadn’t seen in ages. Left for home at kicking out time – maybe around 2am – and then spent quite a while trying to unlock new levels on Mario Kart Wii. Think we got to bed at 4am, with very sore thumbs.

Sunday: Headed out to Castleknock for a food fest Wimbledon party. Doireann laid on an amazingly yum spread of homemade scones, pancakes, fruit-filled pimms and strawberries. When the tennis broke for rain, we broke for some four person Mario Kart Wii, which was AWESOME. Lots of squinting at the split screen and bashing into people. Then a meat fest of sausages and burgers ensued, followed by even more amazing tennis. It was so even I almost wanted them to just saw the Wimbledon Trophy in half and call it day. Brilliant fun to watch though.


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