Posted by: musiclovesfashion | July 3, 2008



I wonder what happened?



  1. Oh, nice picture. Where is it exactly?
    It is maybe a good street marketing campaign ot juste more work for the teenagers of the world who are in charge of the cleaning of Dublin’s walls this weekend.

  2. Thanks Remy. It’s at Hanover Quay, where the old U2 recording studio was (some pics I took before here: There’s a massive mural just across the way from this, so it’s no doubt a U2 reference! I’d say some one will be back to finish it off soon.

  3. Oh yeah, I remember now. I wrote an article about this studio 2 months ago (see my link) after having read yours on Dublin Community blog (I didn’t even know it was the same “Nathalie”).

    Did you sign the petition? I did 🙂

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