Posted by: musiclovesfashion | June 17, 2008



Yes, more cousins! I’ve got a big extended family…

This is Jessica. She is six years old, very cute and scarily smart. I was visiting the circus in Swords and we decided to go pick some flowers and generally run around the field.

Playing chasing

She is quite competitive though – look what I got when it looked like she was winning:

Winning the race

There were some nice wildflowers doing the rounds – daisies, buttercups and, her favourite, poppies:

Picking poppies

Taking a rest

She is incredibly diplomatic and as wide as four gates, as my nanny would say.

Walking back from the field, poppy in hand for her mum, we bumped into her dad. “What have you got there?” he asked. Her face scrunched up in thought. “It’s a flower for mu-… for yo-…” she started, before settling on: “for you and mum to share!” with a triumphant grin.

She also made a wish on “the wishing flower” as she called it.

Picking a wish flower

She wished for a ballet dress and a radio, so that she could put on her dress and dance to ballet music. Very cute. We went on the hunt for more “wishing flowers” but got distracted by trying to balance on this wooden post.

Balancing act

Fun times.


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