Posted by: musiclovesfashion | June 16, 2008

Treasure trail

The first envelope said: “Be ready to open this at 9.40am. Be fit for the outside world.”

Inside, there was note. It read: “Proceed to CHQ. Yes, the one near where I work. Once there open envelope two.”

The second envelope said: “Open as instructed in #1.” The note inside read: “Go to Nue Blue Eriu and give your name. They’re expecting you!”

One hour and one Knots Landing and Moroccan Rose massage later…

The third envelope said: “Open when finished first activity.” The note inside read: “Ok, I hope you enjoyed that. Now you can chill or maybe tart yourself up a tiny bit – a social occasion awaits. Be near our apartment @ 1pm. P.S. Don’t ruin you apetite”

The fourth envelope said: “Open at the time indicated in #3… Maybe 5 mins beforehand.” The note inside said: “Got to Riva. There’s a booking in my surname. Table for 3. Hurry though the booking is for 1 o’clock!”

In Riva were Etaoin and Paula, two of my very best friends from college. We live all scattered about now, so it’s hard to get together – we had seen eachother separately and chatted lots, but the three of us hadn’t been in the same room in months. We stayed in Riva for three hours, bantering away just as if we were on the UCD Arts couches having tea.

I tried to sneak up and pay the bill, because I so appreciated them giving up their Saturday and coming out. But when I asked for it, the waiter grinned and said: “You can pay it if you want, but some one else already has.”

Thank you Eoghan for such a cute, thoughtful and brilliantly organised birthday surprise. It made turning a quarter of a century old so much more fun.



  1. How fantastic! What a keeper 😉

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