Posted by: Eoghan | June 16, 2008

Avoid old iPhones

A quick public service announcement

Do NOT buy the older iPhone in Ireland!

The new iPhone 3G was announced last week at an Apple conference and will be available to buy from 11 July.

As well as improvements to battery life and internet connection speed, the new model will also be much cheaper. I’ve included a comparison table below but the general thrust is that, taking an 8GB model on the cheapest monthly tariff, the new phone will cost €169 whereas O2 and the Carphone Warehouse are still advertising the old one with the same specs for €299. The 16GB comparison is even more stark. On the cheapest plan the new phone will cost €229 compared to €499 for the old one. That’s €270 extra. For the OLD one. €… 2… 7… 0… What the hell is going on here?

I believe you will be allowed a free upgrade to the new handset in July but the extra €130-€270 you’ll pay won’t be coming back.

So is having the phone now rather than 11 July worth the cash and the hassle of organising an upgrade? I strongly suggest not. Please don’t buy any of O2/CPW’s leftover stock of the older phones at these prices. If they’ve sold all their stock already, well done to them for managing their inventory but if there are any handsets left they should trade at a discount to the new phone’s price, not the rip-off rates currently in force.

Handset Cost

Old – iPhone 2.5G

8GB      16GB
299       499

New – iPhone 3G *Not available until 11 July

Tariff                  8GB      16GB
           49          129
€65/month             99          169
€45/month             169        229

That aside the phone itself looks pretty sweet. You can see the presentation, including a lot of details on software available for iPhones (old and new) here.


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