Posted by: musiclovesfashion | May 26, 2008

I heart Gemma Hayes

Gemma Hayes

Gemma Hayes

Gemma Hayes, Converse

Just back from the Gemma Hayes acoustic gig upstairs in Whelans. Awesome. So, so good. You can’t help but fall in love with this girl. She played some oldies and goodies, some tracks off the new album (The Hollow of the Morning) and ‘Oliver’, this lovely, heart-tugging song that I first heard at last month’s Tripod gig. All that was missing was my friend and fellow Gemma lover Yvonne, who is (sadly for me) living it up in London (Yvonne, I yoinked the set list for you!). But Eoghan was kind and gentlemanly enough to accompany me.

Even though we arrived late, we ended up landing two chairs, which were then shuffled across so we somehow ended up front row centre, right smack under her nose. It was fab, but I felt far too self-conscious to take too many pics – you could actually hear each ‘click’ so I’m pretty sure she could hear it too!

More pics and chat in the morrow. But for now have some tunes. ‘Nite.

‘Out of our Hands’:


You can also hear the very beautiful ‘Home’ on the State muxtape.


  1. So lovely to see her smiling! Really looks and sounds like she’s back on top form.

  2. She really was! I think she was even in better form last night than she was at the Tripod gig.

  3. Gemma has just signed a deal in the US. The Hollow of Morning will come out on Second Motion Records based out of Chapel Hill, NC on Sept 30th. US tour to follow. Second Motion works with such artists as: Daniel Lanois, Adam Franklin of Swervedriver, Brian Vander Ark and many others.

    this will be the label’s first release and preorders should be up by mid August along with the launch of the website

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