Posted by: musiclovesfashion | May 23, 2008


How many photobloggers does it take to snap a car boot sale? Shots from last week’s Photomeet.

Meanie tabloid in stealing blogger’s photos and words shocka.

Great post and tips on concert photography.

Jezebel link to two great photo pieces: One on retouching (everyone’s talking about it following the New Yorker’s piece on Photoshop supremo Dangin) and another featuring some tips from a paparazzo on how to avoid people like him.

A lifelong friendship in pictures, a really heartbreaking story.

Darren Greene is a brilliant photographer. I love this shot.

These guys are so cute it hurts.

The ever-awesome Natalie Norton has blogged a great piece on depth of field.

Via Anne. A polaroid a day until the day he died. Explanation here.


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