Posted by: Eoghan | May 22, 2008

Tag! You’re “It”.

I still don’t know what “It” is. Don’t worry. If I find out I’ll tell you. Anyway… if Summer is in the air then two things must surely follow.

First, everyone strips down to their teeniest outfits to try and catch any stray rays of sun that might be splashing around. Our May weather often veers between scorching and chilly, sometimes a day will be too hot for a second layer until you round a corner and the wind blows in your face and your nipples fall off with the cold. In the delicate trade-off between the two competing weathers, the Irish as a rule show no delicacy and where they have the option dress for the beach and simply throw a hurt and betrayed look at the heavens when it rains or gusts as if to say, “Rain? Rain! In Ireland? How? There is nothing I know or have experienced that would have warned me such a thing could happen!”

The second consequence of summer is tag rugby. My company have a team in the lowest division of the social league. Social here means that the teams must contain both men and women and you’re not allowed admit how incredibly competitive you really are, even at things you’re brutal at. Sorry, especially at things you’re brutal at.

So far we’ve had two practice sessions ahead of next week’s season-opener. I summarise the results in the diagrams below.

The TheoryThe Practice


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