Posted by: musiclovesfashion | May 22, 2008

Kelly & Iulian

Kel & Iulian

Kelly & Iulian

Kel & Iulian

This is my beautiful little sister Kelly, joking around with her boyfriend Iulian. They both live and work in the family business, Circus Vegas.

Kelly & Iulian

Kel is seven months pregnant. Because the show has been traveling so far away from Dublin, this is the first time I’ve got to snap her and her ever-growing bump (which I haven’t felt kick yet!). She has had a great, easy breezy pregnancy so far, and is really taking the whole thing in her stride.

Kelly & Iulian

Kelly & Iulian

She has always been a bit of a Ms Doolittle. She would spend hours cleaning out the horse stables, washing the Shetland ponies, braiding their hair, and is always the go-to girl if anyone is having trouble with a new puppy. Even though she was the wild, rebellious one of the two of us, she has always been extremely caring, and I know she’ll make a brilliant mum.

Her boyfriend Iulian is from Romania and joined the circus last year; He is the calm and steady to her scatty and giddy, they complement each other really well.

Kelly & Iulian

They also both happen to have simply gorgeous eyes!:

Kelly & Iulian



  1. Gorgeous pics, ms. auntie to be!

  2. That child is going to be adorable! Best eyes ever. When’s she due, Auntie Nat?

  3. She’s due July 12th and I am sooooo excited!

  4. Congratulations,Kelly!
    You are a god person.

  5. Wow! You look so beautifully cool!

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