Posted by: musiclovesfashion | May 19, 2008

Popping my Photomeet cherry

Wohoo, so I’ve been to my first photoblogger Photomeet! Redmum, who got the whole thing started, was just the loveliest, most welcoming person and introduced the whole big photo gang, which included two photogs whose work I’ve admired for ages, Catriona and Gingerpixel.

We met at the Toe Jam Carboot Sale at GB Shaws in Portobello, which was a visual feast of stalls, costumed people and fairy cakes. A great mix of v cool music, chocolate brownies, knick knacks and tasty lemonade. Like MacAWilliams, I took lots and lots of pics, but I think most of them were awful! Completely agree with him on the taking shots that look like holiday snaps thing; I was a bit like a kid in a candy store at the all the kitschy delights, and was just snapping away for the heck of it along the way.

However, I did use these shots as an opportunity to try out some cross-processing effects in photoshop, as they really fit with the retro atmosphere of the event (I tried my hand at replicating the C41-E6 effect; I can’t for the life of me remember where I originally learned about it, but you can get a bit of info on it here).

Here are some of cool characters that were there:

The stalls were selling everything from random “bag o wires” to cute jewelry bits, Kanye West style sunglasses, and old records:

The pics are taking an age to load, so I’ll update with some more later. If you’re in a hurry though, they’re sitting pretty in the Flick group pool (where you can also see everyone else’s).

After the carboot sale, we made our way over to the food market at Meeting House Sq (I’ll load those up later, but you can see some pics from the last time I was there here) and finished up with some drinks up on the Fitzsimons rooftop beer garden.

All in all, a great experience – thanks everyone for being so lovely!



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  2. Yay I can comment, it was great meeting both yourself and Eoghan at the meet, and you took some cracking shots.

    Keep an ear to the gorund for the next one or find us all on twitter, thats where all the bright ideas stem from.

  3. Hi Nathalie! Lovely to briefly meet you! šŸ™‚ Hope to make the whole thing next time and pick up some tips from you talented photographers. Love the pictures! šŸ™‚

  4. Nathalie,
    Great to meet you on Saturday, I enjoyed the whole day tremendously, would happily go to another Dublin Flickr meet, as soon as I recover from this one. I see some folks appear to be intimidated by big cameras and ‘impressive’ photo track-record, but everyone has a fair chance of coming back with at least a few good images, regardless of camera equipment. And the more you shoot the better you get. I enjoy the learning, the company and I love to see everyones photos form the day, there’s always something to learn form others.


  5. Cool thanks.

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