Posted by: musiclovesfashion | May 9, 2008

Photo clicks

A huge, huge amount of my photo learning has happened on the net; in fact I’ve only read a couple of books, nearly everything else – from what lenses to buy to how to fix dodgy white balance – I’ve picked up thanks to very generous and talented bloggers and photographers providing tutorials, tips, links or simply inspiration.

I trawl though lots of very cool stuff at the weekends and have a nice chunky photography bookmarks folder, filled with sites I go back to again and again as well as random interesting photo tid bits.

So, every now again – I’m hoping for it to be weekly, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves – I’m going to hit the blog up with some nice photo links for you to click, and here’s the first lot:

Photojojo direct you to a cool way to pimp your point and shoot

Midas touch: Really interesting piece on the king of touch-ups, Pascal Dangin (288 retouched pics in the March issue of Vogue alone!)

Vote for Gingerpixel in Canon’s The Assigment

An oldie but a goodie: One of my fave photogs, Emily McCall, gives us a photo tour of her beautiful new house (seven photo-filled posts, all gorgeous)

Via Mulley: chalk-outlined shadows on Flickr

Lilli Forberg has some v cool shots of Mick Pyro and the rest of those crazy kids from Republic of Loose (how did she fit all of them in?!)


  1. yay thanks for the link 😀 Lili x

  2. great idea Nathalie, the more links the better! I’m starting that Temple Bar gallery photography class in June so I’ll put up a few words out it then

  3. Ooh, good luck with it! Really want to start it myself, should get booking… Let me know how you get on!

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