Posted by: musiclovesfashion | May 8, 2008

Market value

I’ll be keeping my fingers, toes, and eyes crossed in the hope that this Saturday might be as gorgeous as the last so that we can head into Temple Bar again for some market-y fun.

It doesn’t matter how many times we’ve already done it in a given month or how many hung-over hens we have to push our way through: The food market @ Meeting House Square always puts me in a good mood. At this stage, we have a well-worn trail: Make our way in around one-ish, and spend a while admiring the pretty, colourful organic fruit (it’s a bit pricey though):

We then toy with the idea of trying something different – mussels maybe? Some cheese perhaps? But no, we inevitably end up standing in front of the Mexican stall ordering an organic chicken fajita (served with a dollop of very authentic frijoles refritos, guacoamole and salsa, hold the cheese and sour cream please), picking up a big bottle of the cloudy, tangy apple juice and plonking ourselves down wherever we can.

Then, maybe some nice coffee, some fresh veggies or herbs for later (hmmm… much later: just realised that organic rocket is still looking at me guiltily in the fridge; and I feel even guiltier now after reading this) and, finally, a few greedy scoops of chocolate-covered hazelnuts and flakey truffle thingies from Chez Emily.


Definitely worth a visit. And while you’re there, pick up some of these:



  1. Good article, nice pics and most of all a great market. I didn’t go there very often but this was the place where for example I got the most proper bread I could get in Dublin (closest to what I was used to from home).
    A funny experience there was that one day they had two dead ducks hanging down from the corner of a cover fliped open at one of the stalls (at about eye level). And you can imaging how funny it was to watch people nearly bumping into these ducks…

  2. […] House Sq (I’ll load those up later, but you can see some pics from the last time I was there here) and finished up with some drinks up on the Fitzsimons rooftop beer […]

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