Posted by: musiclovesfashion | April 30, 2008

Up to (shutter) speed

Thanks to the very lovely Annmarie of IBlogFashion for featuring me in Shutter Speed, the first of her series of posts on photogs. I’m well chuffed 🙂

Check out her sartorially clued in site here.

Also worth clicking are the photogs and photographers I mentioned – Gingerpixel, Rymus (here as well) and Philip Pankov.



  1. Hello Eoghan and Nathalie!

    This is Philip Pankov – Thank you very much for mentioning my photography website on your blog – much appreciated!
    Hope you are enjoying ‘hot Irish’ weather this bank holiday weekend – I was out photographing 3 days in a raw, including long trip in Wicklow mountains! I shot enough film, so it’s back to the darkroom for me now…

    Eoghan / Nathalie – I was wondering if you can add a link to my site to your Blogroll links section at all? If you want, I can link back to you from my link page – just let me know.


    Philip Pankov
    Black & White Photography of Ireland
    +353 86 603 8256

  2. Hi Philip! Done and done 🙂 We’re big fans of your shots and you’re a big inspiration of mine; we picked up a couple of prints at Art Ireland a few weeks ago actually!

    Can’t wait to see the Wicklow shots – how many rolls did you get through?! And yes, it would be very lovely if you added us to your page too, thanks a mill!

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