Posted by: musiclovesfashion | April 27, 2008

Seven months and counting

Seven months and counting

Seems like it was only a few weeks ago that I posted pics of my preggers friend Amanda. Although I doubt it feels that recent to her – she’s seven months in now and can’t wait to meet her little kicking friend.
Amanda is tackling her pregnancy with amazing gusto; now that she is on maternity leave, she’s off doing pilates, yoga, aquafit and gym work-outs regularly. I can only dream of being that energetic when my baby bump time comes around, some time in the (very) distant future. Feck that, I can only dream of being that energetic right now.

We decided to do another quick snap session to record her growing bump. I had just read this brilliant tutorial by the excellent photoblogger Natalie Norton about how to take great maternity shots and decided to follow tip number 7: “Give ’em something different”, where she says:

“Don’t just shoot what’s always been shot. This is a good general rule of photography. I really try to be ‘consistently inconsistent'”

So, I tried a couple of different things – some out of focus shots, cross-processing effects in Photoshop and even a shot of her atop her medicine ball. They’re not the cutesy, romantic shots a lot of mums-to-be would like, but I’m quite happy with how some of these turned out.

Seven months and counting

A few more, including the older ones, here.


  1. So. . . that top picture is absolutely lovely. Nice work, and thanks for the plug!

    Natalie Norton

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