Posted by: musiclovesfashion | March 27, 2008

In Bruges p.s.

Further to Eoghan’s post, I also want to heap some flowery praise on In Bruges. I was a bit ‘meh’ when I first heard about it, but decided to spend a tenner on a ticket (yes, Cineworld have raised the price to TEN EURO. Grr.) and check it out. I’m a massive Ralph Fiennes fan and hey, who doesn’t love Brendan Gleeson?

Have to say I loved it. The trailer really doesn’t do it justice.

A mixed grill of crisp, snappy, endlessly quotable dialogue, surprisingly runny tender moments that creep up on you and are just as suddenly and unexpectedly swept aside and replaced with laugh-out-loud-humour. Farrell is great – I think he’s watched a couple of Father Ted re-runs and taken a few hints from Dougal on how to act hapless and generally bewildered – Gleeson is the moral gentle giant hitman (an oxymoronic part which somehow gels very well in the movie), and Fiennes is fantastic as the mouthy crime boss; equal parts scary and hilarious.

Yep, so, basically – if you’re at the movies this weekend and have a tenner to spare, definitely check it out.


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