Posted by: musiclovesfashion | March 25, 2008

The Weekend In Review (and now in pictures)

Firstly: Wohoo, four day weekend!

Secondly: Well, wohoo, four day weekend!

Now, let’s get to the weekend review:

Good Friday: Leinster V Glasgow. Final score: 34-18. Yaysies. Click here for a match report (it’s coming from the official Leinster dudes, so expect it to be ever-so-slightly biased!). It was absolutely freezing (which is what I’m blaming those dodge early passes on…), but the 11,000+ supporters that showed up were well rewarded with a great five try game.

Here’s a shot of a young supporter tucking into some pre-match grub:

Rugby fan
Canon 400D, 50mm, f1.4, 1/30, ISO800

Saturday: A bit of aimless meandering was had. Bought some fudge at Chez Emily in Meeting House Square, thumbed through some gorgeous photography hardbacks and eventually picked up some practical photography books at the Temple Bar Gallery of Photography, then headed over to Cow’s Lane in Temple Bar, where we impulse bought this very lovely piece by graphic designer and artist Mark Lynch:

New art
Canon 400D, 70-200mm, f7.1, 1/200, ISO200

That evening, dancing shoes were donned for a night at Floridita in the Irish Life Mall for some live Cuban tunes, tapas and cocktails. The restaurant part upstairs has this great balcony with a massive slanted mirror that reflects the musicians and dancers below, which created a nice buzz. It is fairly loud though – not first date stuff, but brilliant any other time. The food was OK – cheap and cheerful. Out of the five or so tapas dishes we ordered, I’d say I liked about half of them. The Patatas Bravas didn’t actually have any Bravas sauce, which was probably the biggest disappointment. The fried nachos with tomato salsa and sour cream where pretty bland, even allowing for the relative blandness of nachos in general. The chicken skewers were yum, but they’re not really that hard to get wrong. Actually, the more I think about it, the more I realise that the food was incredibly unimpressive and boring, so the atmosphere (and the cocktails!) must have been pretty good because I don’t remember really minding at the time…

Sunday: Bravely went where we’d been trying to avoid going before: The Gym. My inner dialogue come gym-time goes something like this: “Ooh, why don’t I go more often, it’s really not that bad” on the first day, right down to “Ooh, but America’s Next Top Model is on now” on the second. Sigh. My good friend Amanda (who is around five months pregnant. I took some pics a few months back) and who has always been a much more diligent gym-goer, totally put me to shame with her stamina and fitness. When women in their second trimester can do more of those arm-pully exercise thingies than you, you know things have gotten bad.

Had another couple over for DVDs and munchies that evening. Spent the night watching Goodfellas and a bit of Black Books (it gets better and better, just like Bernard and Manny’s wine). Some chocolate eggs were broken, some wine was had.

Happy Easter!
Canon 400D, 70-200mm, f5.6, 1/250, ISO200

Monday: In an effort to encourage this optimistic rush of gym-going, I headed to my friendly neighbourhood Champion Sports and picked up some bright and shiny gym gear in the sales (spring sale? mid-season sale? just-for-the-heck-of-it sale? I really don’t know). Let’s hope it helps “strengthen my core” at the next Body Balance class.



  1. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve watched through Black Books now – still absolutely love it!

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