Posted by: Eoghan | March 6, 2008

Myself and Nathalie are going on (up)dates again

I’m back in blog. Scolded, nay chided by my better half for my lack of posts [sorry, sorry, I’m informed I was gently reminded], I’m just popping in to say, “Hello, I haven’t gone away to a foreign land or been trapped under heavy furniture.” I’m still here. I know you were worried. Unfortunately, no sooner was I basking in my fully restored hearing (see last post) than a big smelly flu virus thing landed on me.


Oh well!

So, I’ve been taking things easy, rediscovering the delights of the duvet and whatnot. Further posts soon on things I discovered from spending a day under a blanket…

Are you excited?

I’m kind of excited.

Probably because I have as small a clue as you what I’ll be writing about.

Toodle pip.


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