Posted by: Eoghan | February 28, 2008

Crazy Ear

The latest in the long line of crazy Eoghan body parts, crazy ear will hopefully be saying goodbye tomorrow for the time being. My left ear first became crazy when I shredded the lobe in two a few years ago playing drunken midnight concrete-wall-is-the-sideline rugby. Surprisingly it’s not as good an idea as it sounds at first blush. Within the last year I have been enjoying the return of my gristly ear pieces to normal consistency. Little did I suspect the hidden menace lurking elsewhere in my hearing bits.
Sunday just gone I woke with my left side hearing as if through water. A quick trip to the doc on Monday revealed………………………
Ear Wax!!!!
Oh nosies I hear you cry. It’s OK though they just stick a syringe in your ear and squirt warm water into it to flush out any (video) nasties. Anyway reports tomorrow on how the whole hearing thing is going after SyringeFest ’08: This time it’s Aural.



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