Posted by: musiclovesfashion | February 25, 2008

I hate to gloat, but…

Hillary Clinton’s ‘plagiarism’ accusations at Barack Obama last week really annoyed me. If I was sitting on the fence before, this was almost enough to turn me off her. But hey, it’s silly season and the candidates are getting desperate.

But this story, kindly passed on to me by Eoghan (yes, we pass news stories to each other during the day. Yes, we’re nerds) made me laugh out loud, despite my jaw-breaking toothache.

In last week’s debate, Clinton took a swipe at Obama saying, “If your candidacy is going to be about words, then they should be your own words…Lifting whole passages from someone else’s speeches is not change you can believe in, it’s change you can Xerox.”

Well, in that same debate, the New York senator said: “You know, the hits I’ve taken in life are nothing compared to what goes on every single day in the lives of people across our country.”

Now this, via Bloomberg, a quote from her hubby and former President Bill Clinton, used in a 1992 campaign ad: “The hits that I took in this election are nothing compared to the hits that the people of this state and this country are taking every day of their lives.”

Well, if that’s not being a potty kettle, I don’t know what is.


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