Posted by: Eoghan | February 20, 2008

Conversations in Casa Casey Courtney

Eoghan: Do you want some? [pointing to his plate of cheese and crackers]

Nathalie: No thanks. The cheese is cut too thick for my liking.

Eoghan: Ah yes, I like my cheese like I like my women…

Nathalie: What – thick and smelly?!

Eoghan: Nope.

Nathalie: Grated and good with Spag Bol?

Eoghan: Nope. Strong… and a cracker.

Nathalie: Aww…

Eoghan: Chi-ching, brownie points!



  1. LOL sounds like one of the Charleville ads set to Mariah Carey (which my daughter believes are utterly serious) quite a sweet thing to say though 🙂

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