Posted by: musiclovesfashion | February 5, 2008

Tyra Banks is back and the models go green…

America’s Next Top Model is back! Way earlier than expected, much excitement all around.

Tyra (who, by the by, is working on a new reality TV show, this time searching for would-be fashionistas to work as assistant editors at magazines) was back to her usual shameless, love her or hate her, dramatic slow mo blinking, “tell me about all the trauma in your life” self. The show has also developed a green streak: the 13 finalists got ferried about in a bio-diesel car, the fab pretty people pad was sprinkled with eco tips and Tyra announced that this season would be completely smoke-free. Living Legend Twiggy, Noted Fashion Photographer Nigel Barker, and Ms J were all back in their usual spots on the panel.

Television Without Pity have a hilarious review of the first two (screened back to back) episodes:

Jenah’s outfit doesn’t get raves, because the pockets in her shorts make her look hippy. The judges seem to like her photos, and Jenna notes that she started quitting smoking the minute she got back to the house. Tyra asks how it felt to do the shot, and Jenah says the emotion in the picture is real. Yet another life saved by Tyra Banks. At this point, I’ve lost count.

The models were an even motley-er crew than before: A horsey-looking but beautiful Yale student who admits she thinks most of the other girls are dumb, a super-vulnerable New Jersey girl who keeps saying “I’ve seen every kind of hurt”, a stunning looking 21-year old who has mild Asberger’s syndrome, a super chirpy smiley girl (who laughed even when recreating a “you’ve lost your hair through Chemotheraphy” shoot), a girl from Tyra’s T-Zone camp, the $25 weave girl (there’s always one – bring on the make-over episode), the super bitch… I forget the others; updates next week.

PS. Loving the Living TV ad for So You Think You Can Dance: “There’s a bit of cromp, there’s a bit of tapping; is it called crapping?” Hilarious.


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