Posted by: Eoghan | January 29, 2008

Fota Friday Dinner

Last Friday myself and Nathalie were in Cork at the Fota Island Sheraton for a big auld junketty weekend. Straight off the plane we were bundled into the back of a black luxury saloon and whisked (I believe is the correct term) to the hotel, sucking our serving-sized bottles of champagne through straws. After settling into our rooms we met the other junketeers downstairs for cocktails (the Fota Frenzy is a very drinkable whiskey-based affair) followed by dinner.

Which was YUMMY!!

It was a tasting menu so, shorn of choice, we were forced to take what the chef had coming to us. Which was just as well since I would never have chosen salmon and anchovy terrine as a starter, nor crab bisque as an amuse bouche (nor indeed would I usually amuse my bouche). I struggle to imagine I could have selected monkfish and langoustine as a main course and… I must admit… I would have been the poorer for my lack of adventure.

Marinated (or perhaps bathed) in red wine for six hours, the monkfish (always a fleshy fellow) had a texture and taste that was like nothing so much as steak. The whole meal, including the intriguing truffle potato mash, was completely delicious and yet left you without feeling overly full. All the trimmings were spot-on and there was still dessert, coffees and more cocktails to struggle through before we could give our obscenely large and comfortable bed our attention.

Ah, it’s a hard life.

PS I loved the wine

PPS I’m told they’re seeking a star (of the Michelin variety). I will award them one Eoghan star in the interim.

De Martino Organic Sauvignon Blanc 2006

Bourgogne Couvent des Jacobins 2004


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